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Testimonials from owners of some of our Bassets

We have had many Bassets over a 30 year period and none have been as wonderful as our Black Jack. Our other Bassets have only ever loved the family and have been very wary of approaching visitors etc but not our Jack. he absolutley loves everybody and greets everyone that visits with such joy. He is an absolute pleasure to own.
Mrs LG. of Blaekhurst owners of Black Jack
I have owned Bassets before and they have always been barkers. When you said come and see how quiet yours were I could not believe them, not a murmur. They were so happy and calm. They came to greet me with tails wagging and  ready to give me heaps of licks.My boy is so quiet and is so good with the children. I have never owned a Basset like him. Thankyou.
Kerry of Quakers Hill
When we first got Albert, I thought what a gentle giant. He is so good with the kids and is a great babysitter. He will sit for hours with the kids and let them rest their heads on him whilst they read stories to him. If  you did not know better you would think that he was reading too. He has been a great socialiser for the kids in that we go walking and everyone stops with us to chat to Albert and the kids. He loves football and cricket as well and is an avid supporter of our local teams. Thankyou for this beautiful dog.
Bernie of Bathurst  area owner of Albert.
We have had many Bassets over the last 35 years form different Breeders but  none like our girls from Murstone. They are so intuitive it is as if they have been here before. Such wonderful temperaments. We now have 3 beautiful girls from Murstone who enrich our lives. Each is very different in personality, but all have the same calm temperament.
CB of Westleigh
I bought  my first Basset the other day as a purpose gift for my Dad to be company. The minute I walked in the door and saw this dog I understood why you said once you have one of my Bassets you will not have another breed. I met mum and dad and big sister and they all said  hi give me a cuddle and then sat down and watched me with the puppy. I  knew he would fit the role very well and he has. I wish I could have kept him for myself. You breed the most wonderful temperaments.
G Mof Albury