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Grooming Tips

Use a very mild shampoo or even an Eucalyptus Woolwash
After washing rinse off in a mix of vinegar and water. The coat will look lovely and glossy.
Between Baths make up a mix of Lavender oil, Tea Tree oil and eucalyptyus with a little methylated spirit and some water and wipe the hound over. This should keep them smelling fresh and they love it on really hot days as is seems to be very refreshing to their coat.

These should be kept trimmed so that the hound is walking correctly on the foot. If they do not like the old clippers  try a big file for them.  Always clip with the scissor type clippers as anything else will crush the nail and hurt the hound and promote a hatred of nail clipping.

For an old Basset try some Vitamin C tablets and a slurp of cider vinegar. My Bassets live to old age with minimal problems and they have all had this.
Garlic and horseradish tablets seem to help skin itches.
Most Bassets I have ever owned are severly allergic to Fleas. If they get one on them they will make their skin bleed to kill the flea. Please treat your hound regularly with a Product Such as Frontline or similar product.
Please ensure that your dogs are wormed at least every 3 months with an all wormer tablet and with a Tapewormer Tablet as well.
Please seek Veterinary Advice early.