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News and Events


Poppy's news on the kids:

Recent Events
Harry and Katy have packed their swimming togs and are winging their way north for a career in Queensland. Good Luck Harry and Katy and behave yourselves.

We are pleased to announce that Harry and Katy who now live with Margaret Webber in Queensland  have been tested for Glaucoma and have been found to be clear. Wonderful news and we should all be testing for this disease.

Upcoming Events
the Progress of Harry, PB and Katy
There are now 3 new babies to watch: our very striking John and his sisters Buffy and Cinnie. There are also puppies available from this litter. Please email your interest.

In the News

The oustanding Harry and PB litter were born to Murstone Imapeach who has twice suffered with pyometra and was thought to be infertile. Imagine our surprise to have this lovely litter. We strongly believe that this was due to a change in her diet. Peaches had always been in very poor condition came into seasone 2 times in 4 years and both times developed pyometra. Since going on to Grand Champion Dog Food , her condition has blossomed ,with the most glossy coat. She has matured and presented us with the most beautiful litter, whelped naturally all within six months of the change to Grand Champion.  We strongly believe that this is more than a mere coincidence.  Trial it and see the difference.

Further updates will be provided as they come to hand.